Your gate to start your small and medium projects in Swiss Market

Start your own business through this gate.

My Swiss Gate specialists are here to provide you with the needed advices and to support you with the critical and most important steps required to start your own project or to further develop it. 

Establishing your own business in Switzerland means that you have chosen the perfect geographical location at the heart of Europe and within multi-cultural and linguistic borders, in addition to a stable commercial condition. These criteria ensure the safety of your business with the lowest possible risks.

From a financial perspective, Switzerland is considered the most attractive destination for businessmen and investors due to the characteristics it holds, which guarantee upgrading the business to the highest expected levels. 

My Swiss Gate’s specialists, provide the following solutions to your business:

  • Develop or upgrade business plans for your projects or suggest new ideas for a competitive project based on a study of the needs in the local and international markets. Additionally, offering opportunities for real estate and commercial investments.
  • Assign a specialist in the field of your business to follow up on your file with a direct contact with you, in addition to a lawyer who guarantees all of your rights.
  • Prepare all the documents needed from the concerned authorities to register the company at Geneva or any other city’s Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland. 
  • Prepare a conference room technologically equipped for your meetings.
  • Following-up and archiving the correspondence related to your business.

At this stage and after deciding to collaborate with my Swiss Gate’s specialists, a contract will be signed between the two of parties to protect your interests and secure your right in getting the best services and results you aspire for.