About us

By deciding to break into the world of international business, you need to offer services in the European markets. Thus, you need to choose the appropriate gate that would lead you to achieve your business’s goals. The team of specialists at My Swiss Gate would best bridge the gap between you and your European business objectives. Headquartered in Geneva, My Swiss Gate depends on its business and services development experience that it acquired through applying professional and successful methods in its path in this field.

My Swiss Gate is on its way become one of the most important companies in the field of business management and consulting services by successfully employing an experience that exceeded ten years in this domain from the Middle East, especially the Arabian Gulf region, to Europe. During this period, My Swiss Gate was able to build its network of clients with whom it worked side by side at delivering the highest level of services in project management and implementing smart business solutions. It also worked at building trust with businessmen by providing logistics and helping them to proceed in their daily tasks.  

My Swiss Gate is proud to introduce its specialized gates that would serve you to develop your business under the supervision of a team of specialists in our gates.